Prevent Skin Damage When You Take Off Your Makeup

The skin is a tender part of the body and the skin under the eyes is very fine. The skin on the entire body is exposed to a number of harmful products daily; this includes toxins in the environment, pollution, make up; for that matter even the sun causes damage to the skin. When we use cosmetics the pores on the skin get clogged and this leads to a number of skin issues.Added to this if you do not take off your make up before you go to bed at night, you risk getting skin infections. Now, when it comes to getting rid of your make up you need to ensure that you do it the right way in order to avoid harming your skin. Here are a few tips to help you remove your make up without damaging your skin.

There are several over the counter make up removers available. Choose any of these products that contain almond milk or Aloe Vera. These products are gentle on your skin and they do not cause damage to the tender skin cells. Dip a ball of cotton in ice cold water and then pour a small amount of the product on the cotton ball. Gently massage your face in circular movements with the help of the cotton ball. Splash cold water on your face and wash it with a gentle cleanser.

If you do not like buying products over the counter and prefer using home remedies then there are plenty of options to choose from. Your kitchen is full of products that will help you to cleanse your face and remove your make up gently.

Milk is one such agent that works like a charm to remove make up from your face without damaging your skin. Soak a ball of cotton in milk and rub it on your face and neck. This gentle cleanser will clean not only the surface dirt but will also clean the pores from deep within.

You can also use olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil to clean the make up from your face. Here all you have to do is pour a generous amount of the oil on the palm of your hand and with the help of your finger tips massage the oil gently into your skin. Wipe it off with a tissue or a ball of cotton.