Prevent Child Obesity

Child obesity is rampant today and it is important that your child not be obese. Child obesity imposes numerous health risks to your child.

It causes a reduction in immunity and hence your child becomes susceptible to diseases.

Obese children direct their stress on food and hence they tend to develop social and emotional problems. They are most likely to be obese as adults and hence will run the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

There are tips to ensure that even as an infant the child be treated in a manner that will reduce his/ her chances of becoming obese at a later time. It has been advised by pediatricians that the mother breastfeed the child for a longer time and not include solid food in the child’s diet.

This will prevent obesity. In the early childhood, the child should be given healthful snacks and games involving rigorous physical activity should be introduced. Activities like watching television should be restricted.

Older children must be made to understand the necessity of a healthy diet and the need to be physically and mentally fit. One should introduce them to healthy foods and a healthy diet so that they develop a habit of eating right from the very beginning.

It is vital that they be made to involve themselves in physical activities and games on a regular basis as it will help them improve their physical health and also will introduce them to a competitive environment that will help them manage stress better in the later stages and thus reducing the chances of obesity.

If the child is already obese, the parents should be supportive and they should be sensitive to the child’s concerns about his/her appearance and social relationships. They should encourage the child and not criticize. Support the child to have a healthy lifestyle and diet. Involve yourself in it so that the child does not feel singled out.

Where weight loss is concerned, encourage the child to get involved in any physical activity that he/she might find interest in. Give your child the time to find it out. Persuade your child to get involved in moderate strenuous activity for 30 minutes daily.