Preparing Your Child For The Day Care

spend-time-with-children It can be quite upsetting to leave your toddler at a day care center, when you plan to get your professional career back on track. Being apprehensive is absolutely normal for almost every mother, since your new born will have to stay without you for long periods.

But then there are certain measures that you can adopt so as to prepare your child for this transition. And these will not only benefit the child in adapting easily at the daycare center, but will also help you feel comfortable about the idea of your child spending time at the day care.

Let him know

A few days before you put your child in the day care, you will need to begin talking to your child about why you need to send him/her to the day care and what all will he/she be doing at the day care. And better still, if possible, you must take your child for a short visit to the daycare center at least once before you begin with the regular daycare schedule.

The icebreaker

During the initial period, which is for the first few days, it is advisable that you spend at least an hour with your child before you leave him at the daycare. Also, spare an hour on the first day to acquaint the child with the day care facilities and make him comfortable. And if time permits, you might feel like watching your child get involved in the day care activities while you watch him from a distance.

The tight hug

Every time that you go to drop your child at the day care, give him a tight hug and a kiss to let him feel loved and to reassure him that you’ll be back to pick him up after work. For the initial few days, your good-byes maybe returned with tantrums, but do not bother since most day care providers are well equipped with the techniques to handle such situations.

And lastly, if you’ve been particularly selective about choose the day care provider for your child then you will be much at ease to leave your child with them. So, research and be sure of the service provider and you will never be uncomfortable with the idea of leaving your child at the day care.

Sidharth Thakur