Preparation And Application Of Homemade Black Hair Dye

Homemade Black Hair Dye

Homemade Black Hair Dye People dye their hairs black due to many reasons. For example, a person may not like to have gray hairs on scalp and thus, dyes hairs black. Similarly, people having blonde hair may like to dye their hairs black for getting different looks.

There are many types of black hair dyes and colors available in market. Some of these offer temporary color to hairs while some of them offer permanent black color. These hair dyes and hair colors contain different types of chemicals. These chemicals are quite harmful and a person may suffer from irritation or other side effects.

One way in which these harmful side effects can be avoided is to apply homemade black hair dye. There are few ways in which black hair dye can be prepared at home through natural ingredients. This type of hair dye is totally devoid of chemicals and does not have any side effect.

Homemade black hair dye covers gray hairs to a good extent and with regular applications, hairs become perfectly black. Another benefit of homemade hair dye is that it is quite cheaper as compared to dyes and colors sold by cosmetic companies. Some ingredients used in homemade black hair dye also have conditioning properties.

Unlike chemicals, these ingredients do not penetrate the outer layer of hair deeply and this is the reason why homemade black hair dyes are generally not permanent. One aspect that must be understood is that these dyes provide dark brown shade to hairs and if a person wishes to get darkest brown or natural black shade, dye must be applied frequently and regularly.

Preparation and Application of Homemade Black Hair Dye

There are few ways in which homemade black hair dye can be made. For example, tea and coffee are two ingredients that are mostly used in homemade black hair dyes. For good color, it is necessary that strongest brand of tea and coffee should be used.

Since tea and coffee does not provide good color when applied on oily or greasy hairs, hairs should be shampooed before application. After shampooing, hairs are rinsed with cooled mixture of tea and coffee. Since hairs may not get color for first time, these should be rinsed repeatedly with cooled mixture. This mixture is formed by boiling good quantities of tea and coffee for ten to fifteen minutes.

When hairs are rinsed for last time, mixture should be left on hairs for fifteen to twenty minutes before rinsing. Walnuts are also used for preparing homemade black hair dye. For application, walnut husks are boiled in water and are strained. This liquid is allowed to cool and is applied repeatedly on shampooed hairs. Before final rinse, this mixture should be left on hairs for fifteen to twenty minutes.

For getting darkest shade, large quantity of walnut husks may be used.
Henna is also used commonly for preparing homemade black hair dye. For application, water is added to one cup of henna for making an even paste. Afterwards, squid ink is added to this paste and mixed well. This mixture is then applied to shampooed hairs with the help of applicator brush and comb. After leaving this mixture on hairs for one hour, hairs are rinsed with water and conditioned.