Prenatal Massages – Various Benefits For The Expectant Mother

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage Therapeutic massage has been hailed as relaxing and instrumental in reducing muscle tension and depression. The use of massage therapy for pregnant women has been controversial and needs to be tread upon with care. Many doctors feel that massage can harm the unborn fetus but no constructive evidence has been able to certify this.

Before you go in for a prenatal massage, it is very important to check the credentials of the masseur. Go in for someone who has a certificate in administering prenatal massage. Whether you wish to go in for a prenatal massage is your choice. However, there are several health benefits associated with prenatal massages.

Various Benefits Of Prenatal Massage

Benefits of Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the commonly used massage technique used for prenatal massage. This is because it helps to reduce the discomfort that has been brought upon the woman by fluctuating hormonal levels. It helps to relax the muscles and improves blood circulation by pressing on certain parts of the body.

Hormone Regulation

The levels of hormones widely fluctuate during pregnancy. This causes symptoms like mood swings, fatigue and morning sickness. Incorporating prenatal massage helps to stabilize the hormone levels in the body, which in turn elevates mood and reduces many of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with pregnancy.

Helps To Reduce Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression is very common in new moms. Women who go in for twice-weekly sessions of massage seem to greatly benefit. The massage shows a reduction of hormones like cortisol and an increase in serotonin levels which keeps the woman happy and prevents the onset of postnatal depression. These changes also reduce the incidence of a difficult labour and birth complications.

Postnatal Depression

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Reduction In Edema

Swelling and edema is very common in pregnant women especially during the last trimester. Sessions of prenatal massage are said to improve the blood circulation to various parts of the body. Removal of toxic wastes is also sped up with prenatal massage. This helps to reduce swelling and edema, which is commonly seen in most pregnant women.

Helps To Reduce Sciatica

Sciatica is quite common in pregnant women. It happens when the growing baby puts pressure on the sciatic nerve and this causes excruciating pain in the lower body. Prenatal massage can go a long way in reducing the pain. The massage therapy helps to relax the muscles and addresses the inflamed nerves. Many women have found tremendous relief from their sciatic nerve pain through prenatal massage.

Better Sleep

A massage is tremendously relaxing. It can reduce fatigue and exhaustion and help relieve pain from achy muscles and joints. Once these problems are nipped in the bud, a woman can sleep better at night. Getting quality sleep can improve her mood and promote overall well being which is good for the pregnancy.

Better Sleep

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Reduction In Headaches

Women suffering from migraines during pregnancy have found tremendous solace from a prenatal massage as it helps to reduce the headaches. Always ensure that you get a prenatal massage through a qualified massage therapist, as this would be greatly beneficial.

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