Premenstrual Problems, How You Can Keep Them Low

bleeding-during-menstr If you have to face premenstrual problems you are hardly well all throughout the months or for that matter, ever. The symptoms of such problems are moodiness, mood changes, depression, irritability, weight gain and bloating.

If you are trying hard to lose weight this sudden weight gain is such a bother. But you cannot help it as such symptoms continue. Before the onset of period you are made to retain the level of progesterone on the blood and there is water and salt retention.

You feel heavier and you feel heavier too at least by two kilos. Milk would lessen these problems and so if you drink milk regularly from now it would lessen your PMS problems than if you take one glass of milk in a week.

There is a forty per cent of less chance to develop PMS if you have taken enough milk. Red raspberry leaf should help, although I don’t have an idea where to find it. Ginger tea should help in cramps. Vitamin B6 supplements are to betaken and salt intake should be in the minimum.

Diuretics like Garlic, Asparagus, Parsley should help. You should drink lots of water and take lots of fish, poultry and chick peas. Spinach salads should help and so include spinach in your diet. Also sunflower oil and almonds should be good for health.

In case of heavy bleeding that follows the PMS, take lots of iron content foods or 18 gms of iron per day. Raisins, mussels and some lean meat everyday should be a good source of iron. Soyabeans are also good. Your diet can be improved and this helps a lot during the PMS.

PMS cen be so harsh on people that it makes them lose their identity. At 26 a woman locks herself up in her room for she is aware of her erratic behavior but nothing can help her.

It seems they are actually two different people altogether. Anti depressants don’t help because they make people appear like a zombie. They best thing could be exercises, walk and talking lots of helpful foods and water. That’s the only best way to fight PMS out.