Premature Gray Hair – Causes and Remedies

Graying hair is a manifestation of the aging process and along with other aging symptoms graying of hair may also be considered as a normal phenomenon.

But gray hair becomes a problem when it sets in early or prematurely. For younger people having gray hair is quite embarrassing and frustrating; they may become the butt of joke and ridicule and eventually lose confidence and self esteem.

Lack of melanin or inabilities of the hair follicle to give color are some reasons for graying hair. The possible reasons for premature graying of hair are that of stress, tension, anxiety which put pressure on the scalp thus inhibiting the flow of nutrition required for healthy hair.

An unhealthy diet, disturbed lifestyle, unhealthy habits like smoking, lack of certain vitamins, treating the hair harshly often by using hot water to wash, too much exposure to driers, using cheap hair dyes can also be the reasons for premature graying of hair. Certain illnesses or heredity may also play a significant role for premature graying of hair.

To deal with gray hair most of us dye or color the hair. But it’s not a permanent solution as after some time one has to keep repeating the process of dying which may be both tedious as well as harm the hair. Graying hair is a process which once sets cannot be stopped but there are definitely ways by which we can control the graying process.

One can opt for a simple home remedy which consists of mixing about 100 grams of curd with about 1 gram of black pepper and then applying homogeneously on the scalp and hair. Wash the hair after an hour; regular application of this mixture will improve hair texture, solve dandruff problems and give back hair color to a great extent.

It is also believed that rubbing the nails of both the hands against each other solves hair problems! Some other remedies for controlling gray hair are that of spreading a paste of gooseberries and mango seeds on the hair; boiling tea leaves in water and adding salt to the strained water and applying on the hair.

A diet rich in vitamins A and B, minerals, iron along with fresh vegetables and lots of water is essential for controlling gray hair. Devitalizing foods and soft drinks are to be avoided which accelerate the aging process.