Pregnancy Tips For Obese Women

Pregnancy Tips for Obese Women

Pregnancy Tips for Obese Women Pregnancy being one of the best gifts of nature to a woman it is mandatory that certain levels of responsibility and care should be taken by the expectant mother herself.

Whatever your lifestyle may be you should take certain essential steps during your pregnancy to ensure a healthy pregnancy which is free of complications. However, some women may have certain physical or medical problems for which they need to take extra caution to get pregnant and also during the course of pregnancy. One such problem is obesity which interferes with the normal progression of pregnancy for some women.

Complications During Pregnancy in Obese Women

Obesity has a number of negative effects on the overall health of an individual and obese expectant mothers are at higher risks of complications during pregnancy. Apart from being unable to conceive you also become prone to gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia during your pregnancy if you have conceived.

There remains a higher chance of caesarian delivery and sometimes the mother may also face life risk. Judging the various possible complications an obese woman may face during her pregnancy it is recommended that you should try your best to reduce enough weight if you consider yourself to be obese in case you are considering a pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time when healthy nutritious diet is most essential and as the fetus grows the expectant mother gradually begins to gain weight. Obese women particularly have to keep an extra check on their weight gain to keep it limited to healthy pregnancy weight gain. Obese pregnant women must therefore essentially follow certain extra steps to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and avoid any complications.

Obesity isn’t a disease in most cases but a condition which may have been triggered due to bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. You must be aware about what are the things that have led to you being overweight and your physician can guide you to combat the problem by just saying no to all the bad habits that has led to your condition.

A proper diet during pregnancy must never be avoided as this will however affect your pregnancy in a negative way. Proper diet and nutrition during pregnancy is most essential. Being obese you can gain up to 15 to 25 pounds during your pregnancy which is considered to be within healthy limits but not more. Take small meals frequently to avoid hunger pangs that usually lead to consuming large sumptuous meals.

You can safely do pregnancy exercises which will not only control your weight gain but also ensure a healthy pregnancy with an easy labor. But you must definitely consult your physician and perform pregnancy exercises under expert guidance.

Consuming whole grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables will provide you with enough nutrition, protein, minerals and vitamins. All these have enough carbohydrates which are healthy substitutes for simple sugars. Avoid taking junk foods, spicy and oily foods by restricting yourself to homemade meals and snacks. Consume enough water and healthy fluids like fruit juice and remain involved in safe physical activities. You should never indulge in bad habits like consuming alcohol or smoking. Take enough rest, sleep and remain happy through meaningful involvement and social interactions.