Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a very common problem experienced by pregnant women all over the world.

The rapid weight changes occurring during pregnancy leads to a loss in skin elasticity, thus leading to stretch marks formation.Here are some tips that you can follow so as to get rid of those unsightly pregnancy  stretch marks.

The cosmetic procedures and medical treatments which are available for treating stretch marks may have unpredictable side effects, which may harm both you and your unborn baby. Therefore it is better that you stick to using natural remedies as much as possible, in order to combat stretch marks.

Do moisturize your skin daily, especially the areas of your stomach, breasts and thighs, where there is a very high chance of occurrence of stretch marks. You can indulge yourself daily in a warm water bath and then apply moisturizer on your skin. This will help in keeping the skin hydrated and healthy, thus reducing the incidence of stretch marks.

For the purpose of moisturizing, you can also use baby oil which has excellent moisturizing properties. You can also apply cocoa butter on your stretch marks in order to get rid of them. Cocoa butter moisturizes the skin and improves the skin elasticity, thus getting rid of stretch marks.

Application of olive oil and Vitamin E oil is also seen helpful in dealing with the problem of stretch marks. You can also massage your skin using a body brush or a wash cloth. This will help to improve the blood circulation which will help in keeping the skin healthy and free from stretch marks.

Application of Aloe vera gel on the stretch marks will promote collagen formation and will help in the regeneration of healthy skin cells, thereby reducing stretch marks and the scarring caused due to them.

Do involve in prenatal exercises while you are pregnant. These exercises will help to keep your skin healthy and supple, thus reducing the incidence of stretch marks.Also do avoid exposure to the sun, as it aggravates the condition of stretch marks.

Finally, do drink plenty of water. Water helps to flush away the toxins present in the body , thus keeping the skin healthy from within. It also helps in keeping the skin hydrated and moist, thereby reducing stretch marks. Along with water, you should also have a healthy diet enriched with fruits and vegetables.