Pregnancy Discrimination Act – What All You Need To Know

pregnant_office Pregnancy discrimination isn’t much of a problem in the present day corporate work culture. Nevertheless, it is still advisable that as a woman you must be well aware of your rights and the protections that have been guaranteed to you under the pregnancy discrimination act.

Here’s how the act offers protection to you, at your work place, when you’re pregnant.

Employment issues

With the pregnancy discrimination act around, the employer cannot treat you differently than not pregnant employees in his concern. Also, the employer cannot refuse a job simply because you’re pregnant, provided you are able to perform all the major functions of the job, as required.

If you’re already in a job when you become pregnant, your employer can not cajole you to go on a maternity leave as long as you are able to perform well on your job. Also, the employer cannot impose restrictions on the earliest possible time when you can rejoin job after childbirth.

However, if you’re unable to perform the required duties because of your pregnancy, the employer has the right to treat you as a temporary disabled employee and he can follow any course of action such as change in your duties, sending you on a disability leave or sending you on leave without pay.

Health care insurance

Under the pregnancy discrimination act, whatever health insurance is offered to you by your employer has to cover all your pregnancy related expenses just like it covers any other medical expenses. The reimbursement of these expenses has to be as per actual expenditure, and no excess deductibles can be made because of the pregnancy.

Extra benefits

The employer has to treat you as equal to all other employees when it comes to seniority, pay increase, disability benefits and vacation calculation. Also the employer is needed to extend the same benefits to you as would be extended to any other worker on leave. And lastly, even if you’re not married, you’re still eligible for all the benefits enlisted under the pregnancy discrimination act.

Sidharth Thakur