Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Creates Bonding With The Child


Pregnancy Oh my goodness! Deep down in your heart you had not believed that it had happened to you, the news that you had conceived might leave both you and your partner feeling a little uncertain. Knowing that you are expecting a baby is an amazingly exciting moment.

Of course, it happens to thousands of couple’s everyday, but right now you feel as if you are the only one with whom it has happened. You can not be sure but you strongly suspect that somewhere deep inside you a tiny bundle of cells are going to change your life for ever. Pregnancy takes you all the way from pre- conception and planning right through to the birth and recovery.

This is an exciting time and expectant women are fascinated by what’s happening in the womb during the nine months of pregnancy. In modern era with the advancement in the technologies you come to know at each stage, the changes taking place in your own body and how your baby is growing. Lots of information can now be generated through internet on diet and exercise, antenatal care during the pregnancy.

The next nine months are an extraordinary time for a pregnant woman and for the growing baby. Your body and your emotions will change as never before. To be a mother is altogether a different experience. Your life changes completely. It is said that giving birth to a child is not only a new life for a baby but also a new birth for a women.

The moment a women delivers a baby her life changes completely. She might feel exhilarated, excited, joyful and delighted. Not every one has these kinds of feelings immediately, but yes your feelings might swing for the next few days after the delivery. The emotional response to have a baby is complicated in the hours and days after the birth. Many parents swing from the top of the world in one minute, to the feeling low the next minute.

Parents may feel a twinge of disappointment that they had a baby girl when they wanted a baby boy and vice a versa, or they may feel bit sad that the pregnancy is over and the real responsibility of parenting weighs upon them. Parents start feeling much closer to each other or some times they feel scared by the awesome change that this new baby has brought into their lives. The important thing is to communicate with each other and to take each moment as it comes.

From the moment you start thinking about becoming the parents, you are embarking on life’s most amazing adventure. You welcome your baby as the newest member of your family; you can look forward to deep joy, and plenty of fun. As your baby grows into a child and then matures into an adult, there will be many different influences on him, but you are the most important of all. The relationship you forge with your child forms the pattern for every one of his relationships throughout life. At the same time you have lots of practical matters to attend out of which most likely is Breast feeding your child.

Breast feeding your child

Since there are so many things and phases from the time you start planning till the time you deliver the baby. Once a woman delivers a baby the next comes the breast feeding. As you have heard and saw lots of advertisements and also in the hospitals every doctor advises to give as much as mothers feed to the child. More of mothers milk more the child becomes healthy.

Breast feeding can be deeply fulfilling experience, creating a strong bond between a mother and a child. However, learning how to breast feed needs practice for a mother. The more you do the easier it gets. While a women breast feed, the baby loves the closeness and the warmth of skin to skin contact, seeing the face, and hearing the mother’s heart beat.

Breastfeeding is good for the babies as the mother’s milk gives them the best possible nourishment. Breast milk is a tailor made for your growing baby, with all the nutrients which the baby needs in exact amount. It also contains antibodies, which will help protect the child against illness and infection, and more over it helps the child against respiratory problems and allergy related conditions, such as eczema and asthma.

To begin with, your breast will produce colostrums, a clear golden yellow fluid which starts your babies’ digestive system working .After few days your milk will come in. You can feed your baby sitting or lying down. You can use pillows or cushions to support your arms and back. You and your baby should be tummy to tummy, with his nose opposite your nipples and his head and body in line with each other.

Helping your baby latch on to your breast correctly is the key to successful breast feeding. Once your baby has taken the position he will start sucking the nipples which will stimulate you to release a hormone called oxytocin which causes the milk glands in your breasts to release milk. When this happens you will hear your baby swalloing.

You may also feel a tingling sensation, contraction of your uterus, or you may leak milk from the opposite breast. Your baby may fall asleep once he is full and naturally come off your breast. Otherwise you can just slide your finger into the corner of her mouth to break the suction. As you get the hang of breastfeeding you will realize that you can do it any time anywhere.

When breast feeding is going well you feel like a proudest mother on earth. Remember that both mother and child are learning a new skill and perfecting the art of breastfeeding can take time and patience. In the beginning after the birth you may feel tired and emotional. You may feel that all you do is breast feeding as the baby demands the food every couple of hours. But, as the time passes you get use to it.

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