Pregnancy And Morning Sickness

Every pregnant woman experiences morning sickness at some point of time during the first few weeks of her pregnancy, and well doctors consider it as a very healthy sign.  If you experience morning sickness that means your pregnancy is progressing fine and the likelihood of a miscarriage are minimum. Although it’s termed morning sickness, don’t go by its name, for you may experience it at any time of the day or night.

Even though no scientific cause and effect relationship has been shown, morning sickness has been related to the hormonal changes that take place inside the body during pregnancy. If you can’t cope up with this phenomenon, you always have the option of taking medication, however that’s not advisable keeping in mind your baby’s health. So we’ve got some alternatives that you can try to get some relief from morning sickness.

Of course when we’re not talking about medication, the other best option to tackle this problem is through your eating plan. You certainly do know that you need to eat more when you’re pregnant, but the little change that you need to make is to divide those two or three large meals into a minimum of six small meals.

What we’re saying is that instead of stuffing yourself during the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner timings include three snack times in your everyday routine so as to avoid overstuffing during any meal.

When you have about six meals a day there won’t be more than a three hours gap between two meals and so you will experience lesser number of hunger pangs. Eating at regular intervals will also prevent acidity, while ensuring a constant supply of energy to your body. When you’re pregnant, your stomach lining becomes a little bit more sensitive and consuming rich, spicy and fatty foods will irritate your stomach lining and increase your nausea.

During morning sickness, the problem aggravates with strong odors, so restrict the usage of strong flavoring agents like garlic. You are also likely to develop aversions to certain things, and if you do, there is no point trying to force yourself to eat something that you don’t like or else your nausea is bound to rise. Eat only those things that you really enjoy eating, however to keep your nutrition supply well balanced you will need to sit down and plan your diet so as to keep all the things that you like in your diet while ensuring optimal nutrition.

Fresh fruits normally do not incite morning sickness, so when nothing else works get your hands on to some fresh fruits and fruit juices. Drinking adequate amount of water is also very essential to avoid nausea, and you can try some lemon and ginger based drinks too as they are known to provide some relief in morning sickness.

Sidharth Thakur