Possible Reasons for Female Infertility

Female infertility can have a number of causes and many of them are usually beyond the control of the woman. Female infertility is not a rare case as approximately 25% of the women suffer from such problems in ovulation. Given below are some of the possible reasons for such infertility:

Hormonal reasons– this is usually one of the common reasons behind female infertility. Ovulation is dependent on a balance of hormones. So if anytime an imbalance occurs it affects the ovulation process.

The primary effect of hormonal imbalances is the failure to produce mature eggs, a dysfunction of the hypothalamus or a malfunction in the functioning of the pituitary gland. All these contribute towards infertility.

Age of the mother- this is also a big reason for infertility in some women. As the age of a woman increases, her fertility decreases. Especially women beyond the mid 30s are at more risk of facing difficulty in getting pregnant. This, with time, often leads to infertility.

Cervical disorders– cervical problems are a substantial reason for female infertility. Often the cervical mucus of the female may not be of the desired consistency which makes it difficult for the sperm to swim in. As a result of the sperm as inability to reach the egg, the woman may suffer from infertility.

Blockage in the fallopian tubes– a blockage in the fallopian tubes may be the aftermath of infections from sexually transmitted diseases. Such blockage makes it difficult for the sperm and the egg to unite. Even if they do manage to unite, such blockages play spoilsport in letting the embryo implant itself in the uterus.

Polycystic ovaries– polycystic ovary syndrome is very common and is also one of the top causes leading to female infertility. In this condition, cysts develop in the ovaries and as a result the ovaries get enlarged. This condition makes it very difficult for the woman to conceive.

Premature menopause– in case the woman has experienced a premature menopause, then infertility will be unavoidable as the body stops ovulating. This condition, although extremely rare, cannot be completely ruled out.

Abnormality in uterus– if the woman suffers from conditions like fibroid, polyps or has kind of congenital abnormality like a separate uterus; she is likely to experience difficulty is ovulating.

Lifestyle hazards– a poor lifestyle which includes obesity, too much of smoking, alcohol, drug intake and lack of a healthy diet and exercise are likely to take toll on the female fertility.