Plus Size Fashion Tips For Curvy Women

The magazine covers are full of slim and sexy models, but not everyone is skinny and thin, isn’t it? If you are on the other side, I mean curvy and super stylish with some extra weight and love handles, don’t lose heart.

Stay pretty and fashionable by spending a little more time in deciding before shopping for your wardrobe. So, if you are smart and confident plus you want to make your own fashion statement, despite your weight, all you have to do is have a look at what we have for you.

If you want to be stylish by hiding those love handles, options are many. Shopping is the fantasy of everyone; stop me if I am wrong. You definitely want to see yourself look stylish but if your figure is turning you down, try darker shades. Maroons, black, bottle green, deep purple, navy blue and darker shaded of browns will make fat girls look fabulous.

Before trying anything, make sure you look glamorous as well as graceful. Flaunt your cleavage with a deep V-neck dress or go in for off shoulder dress. You can also try falling neck if you are busty. It will attract all the attention and will distract the on lookers from your bulges. If your shoulders are broad, stay away from sleeveless attires. Try dresses with very sleek embroidery and avoid silk and satin. You can go in for chiffon or any other fabric which can give flow to your body.

Never try very lose or tight dresses, buy something which can streamline your body. Avoid bold and flashy prints, wear vertical or diagonal stripes for a slim effect. Try to wear contrasting shades, it can balance the entire panache of the wearer and will never make  them look fat. Pair up your plus size cocktail dresses with sleek and delicate jewelry like a tennis bracelet or a very thin necklace, chunky jewelry is something you should seriously avoid.

Wear high heels, especially stiletto pumps. It can give length to your legs and make them look slim and in shape. High heels also make the body look slender and in proper shape. So, if you feel comfortable in high heels, you can easily make your body look super sexy even in plus size clothes.

By taking care of some small and simple tips you can actually make a plus size fashion statement, which will make the sexiest chic turn green with envy. So, shop smartly and stay beautiful!


I am a fashion freak writer