Playing It Naughty And Sexy At Work

Wearing the same type of lackluster clothing to work every day can be quite monotonous, and when you’re looking for a little change introduce a bit of naughtiness and sexiness into your office wear. We’re not suggesting you wear something that’s out and out clownish or outlandish. We’re talking of little changes in your dress up to add some cheerfulness and a hint of mischief in your clothing.

A dash of spice

Without stepping over the rules of conservative office dressing, you can add a hint of sensuousness, by combining the classic fashion with some chic and cheerful colors, to your drab office wear. Just blend in a few chic pieces of clothing with your regular office wardrobe, such as flimsy feminine blouses, fitting pencils skirts, slip candy pumps, fishnets stockings with back-seams, trench coats in body hugging style, naughty secretary spectacles and the likes, and add in some exciting colors and you’re ready to catwalk the office runway.

And while these minor changes will add a punch of playfulness to your attire, your overall outfit still remains prim and proper, as is desired in most workplaces. So whether you are a secretary or a librarian, you can perk up your professional outlook to a rocking sexy-smart look with just a few minor changes to your existing wardrobe.

Mastering the look

Trousers score a big zero on the sexy clothing scale, so leave them for the men. Get yourself some body hugging skirts and dresses, with neat hemlines to flatter your body curves, and which are no longer than knee-length, giving you a chance to show off your sexy legs.

Now since we’re talking sexy, unless you cinch in your waist you can’t get that curvy outlook, so think along the empire waste line, to emphasize the waist. And if your dress doesn’t do a good job, in giving you an hourglass figure, then get yourself a nice trendy belt to clench your waist.

Experiment with some cheerful colors, without going too loud, and step into some high heels, which are at least 3 inches high, to get a little flirty wag in your walk.

Sidharth Thakur