Playhouses For Kids

playhouse Is your child always hooked to the television set or to video games? Then the best way to engage your child in educational as well as recreational activities is to build a playhouse in the backyard. It’s not that difficult to get one done if you can follow these simple tips.

Decide On The Design: Playhouses are mostly popular in wooden designs than that of plastic or metal. Wooden playhouses look catchy and are cost effective too. See to the various designs available in the market.

Playhouses With A Loft:Playhouses with lofts are pretty popular these days. These have a staircase attached which connects to the upper structure of the house which looks like an attic. Choose the ones with mahogany finish which makes them suitable for all weather conditions.

Storybook Playhouses: These look like those of the fairytale stories. You can even get them painted in characters of your children’s favorite cartoons! They come in Mahogany as well as Oak wood finishes. But these are a little expensive. But, it’s worth the money if your child loves it!

Customize The Playhouse: If you buying a playhouse in any of Mahogany, Oakwood or Pine finishes, you can customize them according to your child’s need. You can remove or add some components of it and give it an all new look.

Paint It Well: Play a simple wooden playhouse and paint your child’s imagination on it. This way, you can add a personal touch to it and also make it look more interesting!

Place It Right: Make sure to place the playhouse under a shade. Do not expose it to scorching heat. The best place is the backyard. It is usually spacious and shady.

Playhouses are good ways to keep your child happy and content! It also does wonder in sunny weather when your child doesn’t want to go out in the heat. So, go through these tips before you get one!


  • Great article ! It’s great that the article says a lot without being long and drawn out. I’ve built a wooden playhouse in our backyard for my daughter and I must say tht I used some of the tips here.