Play safe while Tanning

A well tanned skin does indeed have a magical effect to make you look sexier, but there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to observe when you bare your skin for tanning.

Whilst making a choice about the skin tanning method that you wish to use, do take into consideration any skin disorders that you may be suffering from as well as the degree of health risk that is associated with the specific method that you choose. Also the amount you’re willing to shell out will help you in deciding which method to go in for.

In case you are on any specific medication or if you’re already suffering from any kind of health and disorder, make it a point to visit your physician before you go tanning your skin,. If you fear any kind of skin aggravation, your doctor can make suggestions about what particular skin tanning products to use and which ones to avoid.

Advisably, you must carry out a patch test for all skin tanning products such as lotions, sprays and bronzers, by applying the product to a small area of the skin to see that it causes no reactions. It also makes sense to research a bit about the product that you’re going to use, and negative press releases about any skin tanning products can be found easily on the internet as well. Whatever method of skin tanning you choose, do check about the kind of ultraviolet ray protection that this method provides.

While sunbathing and using tanning beds has been associated with skin cancer because of direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, orally taken tanning pills and tanning accelerators can lead to hepatitis, nausea and headache. Also developing skin irritation and inflammation is commonly observed. Using tanning lotions can often make your skin turn yellow, while also aggravating any existing skin conditions.

Sunless skin tanning products and methods are considered virtually safe; such as bronzers, which can give you a nice tan without the need to burn your skin in the sun.

Sidharth Thakur