Platinum Jewelry- Know Before You Gift

Platinum jewelry is the most expensive kind of jewelry today compared to jewelry made from gold, diamonds and silver. Platinum ornaments are generally preferred by most people compared to gold and silver ornaments because of their good quality.

Therefore, when you are looking to buy this jewelry as gift items for your near and dear ones or for yourself you need to carefully consider their quality as well as how you should care for them.

Benefits of Platinum Jewelry

Platinum ornaments are much more durable than gold ornaments. They are also purer and stronger than gold ornaments. If you have sensitive skin, then such ornaments would be perfect for you as the purity of these ornaments will not have a corrosive effect on your skin. Thus when you are gift shopping, such items would definitely be a good buy instead of diamond, silver and gold ornaments.

How to decipher between Real and Fake c

When you are shopping for Platinum gift items, you can use a special instrument for detecting whether the metal is real or fake. This metal is heavier than gold and therefore the density of the metal will indicate whether it is authentic or not.

The label of the jewelry can also give you a fair idea about the genuineness of the metal. Supposing a particular piece happens to contain 95% platinum, its label should ideally have 950 platinum/plat written on it.

How to care for Platinum Jewelry

You must learn to care for your platinum ornaments if you wish to maintain them over a long period of time. The best way to clean such pieces is by using warm water along with some mild soap. You should also avoid wearing these ornaments when performing ordinary household tasks.

Always scrub the piece gently, using a very soft toothbrush for maintaining the metal’s luster. You must always get your ornaments cleaned, polished and inspected by any qualified jeweler at least two times in a year or more when scratches happen to appear on it. The glow and quality of the metal makes platinum a worthy choice for your ornaments. Though the ornaments may come at a premium price but their resale value is also high