Pinstripes & Suiting For Professional Women

Pinstripes and corporate suiting has been something that has stayed in the corporate man’s realm for long, however now the corporate woman has hacked into these masculine lines. This new trend is called business power-dressing, which lots of successful women are making use of the make a bold statement in the corporate world.

Men’s style and femininity

Pinstripe clothing, dynamic watches, suspenders, money clips and cufflinks which the corporate man has been using to display a sophisticated corporate edge, is now being used by women to polish up their workplace looks. Men in the corporate arena have relished these details and styles for ages, but for almost a year now, women have been using this to create a powerful and commanding persona at work.

While you may be skeptical, this combination of masculine clothing styles and curvy women’s bodies is actually quite an alluring one. Trust the designers, you won’t look clumsy or drab dressing up in menswear, rather there is something which is extraordinarily sexy, exciting and powerful about the curvy figure of woman in corporate masculine clothing.

There are lots and lots of designers playing along these lines, picking up pieces from the man’s corporate staples and blending them up with a little bit of feminine appeal to create a distinctive corporate clothing line for women.

Dressing up

To make that bold and powerful fashion statement at work, the first thing you need is a well-tailored, smart fitting suit in a bold and masculine color. Men’s suits are normally made in heavier and costlier fabric, and you need the same, even though it may cost more. It’s worth the investment and apart from bold solid colors you can also experiment with pinstripes and finer checks for an extra edge.

When you’re wearing a bold suit, your accessories also need to be similar to what men use, such as belts, ties, cufflinks, men style watches, suspenders and the likes. While all your accessories and clothing will a have strong element of masculinity, let your shoes be feminine. You can choose high heels and pointed toes to push up your sex appeal, or else just stick around with the comfortable flats or loafers.

Sidharth Thakur