Picking The Best Lipstick Shades for You

Shopping is the favourite hobby for most of the girls. In fact shopping is predominantly a girl’s domain and is a favourite pass time.

Girls prefer to shop at the drop of their hat. Whether happy or sad, shopping tops their priority list.

There are various things which are included in a girl’s shopping list. Girls cannot do away with make up, which is another favourite of them. While buying make up, lipstick is an integral part. But the most difficult part is picking the best lipstick shades for you.

• Choosing the correct lipstick shade

It is very easy to buy a lipstick but it is necessary to make the choice as per your skin tone. Even though you apply it in a perfect manner, it is of no use if the colour does not match with your complexion.

The right shade of the lip colour will not only enhance your physical beauty, but will also add grace to your personality. So the best way to choose the shade is by applying it at the tip of your finger. Also keep in mind while testing your lipstick, try to do it in natural light which will help you to gauge it better.

• Lipsticks for Fair Complexion

Those who have fair complexion can opt for any shades. But it is better to choose shades of beige, and peach as it will help to enhance your complexion more. Light shades add an extra glow to your complexion and make it more visible. You can apply dark shades during the later part of the day, especially at night.

• Lipsticks for Dark Skin Complexion

Those on the other hand, having a dark complexion can use plum or wine shaded lipsticks. In fact those with whitish complexion can also go for dark lipstick colours as it will help them look brighter. You should also keep in mind that matte finish lip colours suit best rather than gloss in case of duskier beauties. Some of the other suitable shades which you can go for are purple, blackberry and caramel.

• Tips for applying the chosen lipstick shades

Determine your skin complexion. Try to wear glossier and lighter shades if you have thin lips. If you have fuller lips, wear lipsticks of darker shades. Try to wear lip colours of matte or cream finish during day time and during night you can go for the glossier shades.

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