Petite Women’s Fashion Style Tips- Clothing Tips for Short Women

Ok, so you are petite; you get thumbs up for being cute and adorable. On the plus side you have your cute figure going for you however you need to work on your charm to ensure that you don’t become a wall flower.

Short woman are often the ones who are the best at accessorizing and being creative with their look. It helps to be creative however having some money to back you up is not a bad thing. Remember, not all petite women are dainty and delicate you can have oversized or large petite women.

The word petite is a polite way of calling someone short.

If you are a short woman you need to spend some extra moments deciding on your outfit so that you make a bold statement with your look. Before you set out to hit the stores you also need to decide on what style statement you would like to make. You don’t need to follow in any person’s footsteps; feel free to experiment with your look and come up with your own style.

If you are a small sized petite woman then wearing solid colors from head to foot is a good way to make you look taller. This means that you wear a single color even if you are wearing an outfit that is more than one piece. However, if you are wearing white then limit the color to only the outfit and wear nude or contrasting shoes and hosiery.

Wearing wide legged pants, cropped pants and Capri pants will make your frame look smaller so it is best to avoid this. Ensure that your clothes are neither too tight nor too loose so that your frame looks perfect. You also need to look out for handbags and purses that suit the shape of your body; an oversized handbag even a tote will not suit you.

If you are a plus sized petite woman then you need to make sure that you make smart choices with your clothes. Wear dark colors like maroon, indigo and green from head to toe; the monochromatic look will suit your body’s shape and frame. Don’t wear horizontal or vertical stripes. Invest in bright colored scarves to contrast your dull colored outfits.

Here are a few tips to help you make the right choices with your clothes. Experiment with your look and make the right choice so that you look bold and confident despite being short or petite.