Permed Hair: Tips for Maintenance

If you have got your hair permed recently, then while you will have a distinctive striking look, you also will have to bear some extra responsibility in maintaining the hair.

You will have to take care of the hair by choosing the right hair care products. Also there will be a few things that you will want to maintain that will prevent your permed hair from getting spoiled.

The first thing that you must do is to get a shampoo and a conditioner that is meant only for the permed hair. Your hair runs a great risk of losing the curl if you use an ordinary shampoo.

This is why the hair care product companies have ensured that there is a special treatment for permed hair and hence there have been created shampoos and conditioners that are just meant for permed hair. After you shower and shampoo your hair, do not blow dry the hair directly.

There are hair dryer diffusers which are economical and are available in a large number of retail stores. Use them on the hair dryers to prevent the loss of curls or damage to your hair.

Many a times, permed hair encounters the problem of frizz. This is a direct result of the hair getting dry. This in turn causes the entanglement of curls and you might have to spend considerable amount of time just disentangling those curls. Therefore you need to keep your hair moist and hence use a leave-in conditioner, and that will help you deal with the frizz a lot more easily.

Another consequence of having dry permed hair is that the hair tends to lose the curls easily if subjected to windy conditions. Even under the normal circumstances, due to the loss of hydration, the hair tends to lose shape. This can be dealt with easily by applying gel and mousse. However, this can also result in the hair becoming sticky.

Therefore use a water-based gel and ensure that it is washed off thoroughly once you are back home. Stay out of the way of heavy wind and harsh sunlight as much as possible to keep that perm soft and silky.