Permanent Hair Removal

Do you hate those periodical painful waxing and threading sessions, to get rid of those unwanted hair on your face, legs and arms? Are you sick of those razor burns and rashes while shaving off unwanted hair? Well then, it’s time to think about one of those permanent hair removal options that lots and lots of ladies have already explored and benefited from. There are two of these options the first one being electrolysis and the other one being laser hair removal, sure you’ve heard about them.

Electrolysis is done using a thin needle which is pricked into the hair follicle to destroy the hair completely and the results of this treatment are permanent which means you will never have those hairs growing back. This process of hair removal is not only painful and costly but is time consuming as well and requires a number of sessions to be completed. The cost of this treatment can vary drastically, and you can expect to pay something around $400 to $1000 for the removal of hair from your upper lip alone.

Your second choice is laser which can not exactly been called a permanent hair removal solution since the results last for a bit more than six months, but certainly that is way better than your other options like waxing, shaving and threading. The cost of laser hair removal is certainly lower than that of electrolysis which again makes it a wiser option, apart from the method being quite painless and quick. The procedure involves focusing a laser beam on to a group of hair follicles and damaging the root of the hair.

Laser treatment is quite popular for facial hair removal, especially so because of the process being painless. The cost involved would be around $200 to $600 for an upper lip hair removal.

Deciding between these two methods of hair removal can be difficult. You will have to keep in mind your budget and the time that you can devote. Also do keep the pain aspect in mind. When your budget is a little tight, make use of the permanent hair removal options only for your facial hair, since hair on all other body parts can be dealt with waxing or shaving.

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Sidharth Thakur