Perhaps This New Guy Isn’t Right For You

1true-love You are excited about the new man in your life, but are not very sure whether you should go on any further with him. Here are five warning signs that will tell you that it’s time for you to end this new relationship.

Your friends and family

If your friends and your family are not happy to see this new boyfriend in your life, you must think twice before continuing with him. Your friends and your family are your well wishers, and if they don’t want to see you with this new guy they possibly have a reason.

He is preoccupied

It’s acceptable for a guy to be crazy about soccer or some other sport, his bike or car, or action movies, but if all these interests stand above you and the relationship that he shares with you, then he’s probably too obsessed with his interests and his own self and can never be the right guy for you.  Look for somebody who is more mature and who can give you the time and attention that you deserve.

The ‘I love you’ thing comes too early

If the guy says that he loves you, while the two of you may not have spent enough time to be able to known each other, then it’s got to be either that he doesn’t understand the word love or he is simply lying. There’s no point dating such a man any further.

He’s never the gentleman

If this new guy doesn’t do simple gentlemanly stuff like opening the door for you or offering you a seat before he sits down, then he’s probably not fit enough to enter into a relationship with any woman.

He freaks out on your money

A guy who’s reluctant to pay for the coffee or dinner bill or if he uses your cell phone to make free calls, then he is with you just to have some good time at your expense. Surely that kind of a guy doesn’t deserve to be with you, just feel free to walk out on him.

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Sidharth Thakur