Patchwork Bag By Louis Vuitton


Designer handbags have grown from being a mere bag where things were carried to something that can make a fashion statement. Having a designer handbag in your possession also reflects highly on your taste and social status.

Though these handbags will cost you a fortune, they are worth your hard earned money. The fetish for such designer handbags has grown to such levels that some people will even rent these handbags to others for some days so that the less fortunate ones can experience the joy of carrying such a high priced fashion accessory.

Every season, the bags that stay on the top of everybody’s wish list are the Louis Vuitton bags. Most of these bags come in eye-catching styles and are lapped up by celebrities within a few days of their launch. There’s no doubt that it’s hard to ignore the LV bags.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Louis Vuitton is known for launching new styles that are often incredible. Their latest bag launched publicly the last month is suitably called the Tribute Patchwork Bag. Made of a design that has combined the blueprints of some older LV purses, this bag is now tipped to storm the market. However, some people are debating if it’s worth buying this bag for $45,000 or not.

Despite its steep price tag, this bag has already generated enough attention and will surely attract the buyers.

Beauty Dens take on the bag?

It’s nothing more than an eye sore at the first glance with its somewhat confused look. However, the design can grow on you if you look at it for sometime. With its unconventional appearance, it will surely amaze and impress people, especially when they will find out that it’s an LV creation. So, if you want to have something different from the mundane handbags, go and grab it. However, the steep price may act as a deterrent!