Passionate And Wild Sex Can Make You Conceive Faster

sexdrive Two or three years after marriage, most couples are desperate to have a child. And in this chase, their sex life becomes more of a stress zone, because their priority shifts from sexual pleasure to conception.

However that’s not how things need to be, when you want to conceive. The best way to increase your chances of getting pregnant is to enjoy some unrestrained, wild and passionate sex with your partner.

Getting obsessed about conceiving will take you nowhere, so take away your attention from conception and pregnancy and have some intense passionate moments with your partner, the way you had it when you were dating each other.

Sexologists have come up with a new term called gourmet sex, which focuses on satisfying each other sexually so as to increase the odds of conceiving. Here are some tips that may help in increasing your chances of getting pregnant by indulging in some intensive and passionate sex.

Before we talk about the rest of the things, it’s important for you to understand that your sexual intimacy and your passion for each other depend largely on the kind of relationship that the both of you share. So take some time out and share your fantasies with your spouse. The more you sit and talk about your fantasies, the more liberated the both of you will feel and that will give your sex life a new dimension.

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Before you go in for a romp in the sack, do some basic preparations so that you can enjoy more satisfying sex. Use things which will ignite the desires such as sexy lingerie, silk nightwear or satin sheets to cuddle in. If you know what turns your man on, go ahead and use all those things.

What you eat has a direct correlation with your libido, so avoid having spicy meals, overeating and drinking too much of alcohol, if you’re planning on having sex tonight.

Foreplay is important, so take your time to explore each other’s erogenous zones. Focus on his body parts which you normally ignore during sex, and see how it gives a new twist to your sexual relationship. It you have some fantasies like bondage or blindfold, try them out to take your sexual life onto a whole new level.

It’s important to have some passionate and wild sex, when you’re trying to conceive, because when a man is fully excited he produces more sperms and that means that your chances of getting pregnant will go up many folds.