Party Etiquettes: For Formal Gatherings

Holiday season is around the corner and you have been eagerly waiting for this time.

Yes it is the time for parties and corporate events that allow you to let down your stress and enjoy. Nonetheless corporate parties require following certain code of conduct and behavior to maintain the dignity and professionalism in the party.

Some people tend to abstain from attending office parties for the fear that they might do something to offend their seniors at work or make fun of themselves. Understanding office party etiquette can help you eradicate the fear associated with such parties and have fun after a long term of hard work.

Office parties are generally meant to connect with your seniors and juniors at work. However it does not entail that they have to be dull and boring. Keeping in mind these tips given below can help you to mingle with other professionals and yet have fun in the office party.

Follow the instructions given on the invitation card. If the card allows entry of two people only, adhere to it. Don’t bring children until and unless it has been specified in the card. Never take along extra guests only because they are visiting you on the weekend. Stick to the limit of guests invited and if no guests are allowed, do not presume that you can take along your family members.

Arrive on time as stated in the invitation. However don’t be too early to the party. Arriving within half an hour of the time specified in the card is acceptable. Once you have arrived mingle with other people and don’t leave too soon. At the same time, avoid staying for too long as it may give a negative impression of being a party hound.

Usually, the invitation cards to office parties state the dress code for the parties. Don’t be too dressed down as it will give a bad impression. For instance, wearing blue-jeans with a t-shirt to an office party should be completely avoided.

Flaunting too much skin by wearing miniskirts or dresses should be restricted to cocktail parties. If the party is being held after a working day, carrying a spare dress is advised. Be very careful with your attire for the office party and make ensure that it’s neither too dazzling nor too dull.The most important thing to be taken care of is alcohol.

Office parties generally have arrangements for free liquor. Don’t go overboard and drink too much to avoid any embarrassing situation. Limit your consumption of alcohol to an appropriate limit.

Be careful with your conversations and abstain from discussing controversial issues like politics or religion. Office parties are great avenues to connect with professionals by maintaining certain decorum and following these simple party etiquettes.