Parenting Teenagers

Parenting effectively is a skill in itself and parenting teens require much more expertise due to the transitional stage the teens go through both psychologically and physically.

A child going through the transitional stage of adolescence before finally becoming an adult is what is known as teen age.

As the body as well as mind is going through a dynamic metamorphosis the teens constantly need support and understanding from the parents. The parents become apprehensive as well while dealing with their teen kids.

The teen age years place some of the most difficult challenges for both kids and parents. Due to hormonal changes and being in a transitory position of being neither a child nor an adult the teens feel alone, misunderstood and depressed going into bouts of mood swings or self harming thoughts.

Parenting can become quite tough yet just getting mentally prepared that a child is about to become a teen in a few years and identifying with their problems can help understanding teens a lot.The most frequent areas of friction between teens and parents are caused due to impatience of parents as well as the teens.

Parents feel that their previous methods of parenting no longer work on their teen age kids and they feel betrayed. Such problems may be related to choice of friends, sexual indulgence, school performance and time given for friends, self destructive behaviours, ways of styling and clothing preference etc.

If parenting is not effective with teens there may be adverse effects like substance abuse, promiscuity, violence and aggressiveness, truancy and even suicidal attempts. But parenting teens can be made into a joyous experience provided the right attitude is imbibed within the parents.

Accepting teens as teens and no longer as little kids who will religiously follow their parents’ decision will itself give a matured view and understanding of teen age mannerisms to the parents.

As teens want independence parents can deliberately give them a certain level of space yet being carefully vigilant.

Talking and discussing sensitive issues like sex, growing up, physical changes like a friend and also showing enough confidence in the teens is an integral part of effective parenting of teens.

Moreover parents themselves must behave maturely themselves to imbibe maturity within the teens. Teens must be involved along with parents for things like household chores, fixing a flat tyre and so on.