Paraffin Bath – For Medical and Cosmetic Purposes

A paraffin bath also called a paraffin wax bath is a heat treatment which is used to address both cosmetic and medical conditions. Different joint problems like rheumatism and arthritis can be treated effectively with a paraffin bath.

A paraffin bath can leave even the driest of skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. As the name indicates, this bath is prepared by infusing oil with liquid paraffin.

Although this treatment is normally carried out in a spa or salon, it can be prepared with equal ease at home. To prepare a paraffin wax bath, paraffin wax ‘pellets’ or ‘beads’ are melted at temperatures between 120F and 135F in a paraffin bath unit which is basically an insulated container fitted with heating elements. Normally the wax takes anywhere between eight to twelve hours to melt.

Once the wax has melted in the tub like apparatus you can submerge your hand, leg or elbow in the melted paraffin. Once the wax has coated the affected part of the body, it is quickly removed from the wax.

The melted paraffin wax coats the body part, and ensures that heat is preserved. This process is repeated multiple times and finally the afflicted body part is wrapped first with a plastic bag and later with towels. After a period of about twenty minutes, the wax is removed.

People suffering from arthritic pain experience vast relief after undergoing a paraffin wax treatment. The paraffin wax heats the muscles and tissues and brings relief from muscular pain and other minor aches and pains. People suffering from joint stiffness, strains and sprains can also benefit vastly from the paraffin bath treatment.

The paraffin bath alleviates stiffness and pain around the joints by removing the excess fluid from the surrounding joints and tissues. This treatment is especially good for people suffering from bursitis, tendonitis and tennis elbow. Sports related muscular injuries can also be treated with paraffin wax baths.

Paraffin baths are also used to treat a variety of skin conditions. Scented waxes infused with mineral oils helps to soften the skin. People with dry, scaly skin should definitely try this treatment. Individuals suffering from dry skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema have benefited vastly from the paraffin baths.

This treatment benefits people of all age groups. However, if you suffer from varicose veins or hypertension consult your doctor before taking a paraffin bath.

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