Pamper your Hands and Feet with Homemade Paraffin Wax Treatment

If you are looking for a homemade way to pamper those rough hands and feet of yours, then look no further! Paraffin wax treatment is the perfect luxury and that too so affordable and so easy that you can do it at home.

It forms a waterproof layer on the skin thereby moisturizing and tightening it and hence, is especially beneficial for dry skin.

What you will need:

The ingredients for this treatment are easy to get. You will need 4 blocks of paraffin wax, few drops of essential oil, a tablespoon or two of vegetable oil, rich moisturizing lotions, a small tub, a boiler and plastic bags.

Preparing the wax:

All you need to do is to melt the wax blocks in the boiler and add the drops of essential oil to it. Grease the tub lightly with the vegetable oil and then carefully pour the wax into the tub and wait till a skin forms over it.

The formation of the skin denotes that the temperature of the wax is just right for your skin. You could also check the temperature by slightly dipping an elbow or ankle in the wax.

The procedure:

Firstly, clean both your hands and feet and dry them properly. Smear your hands and feet with the moisturizing lotion. Make sure you apply ample amount of it as some of it will be absorbed by the wax. You may also want to cover your nails and apply cuticle oil for maximum protection.

Once the wax reaches the right temperature, dip your feet and hands in it, wait for 5 seconds and then re-dip. Keep doing this until a thick smooth layer of wax forms over your hands and feet, covering them completely.

Then, cover your hands and feet with the plastic bags. You can also cover the bag with a towel for getting maximum warmth.

Keep this for 30 minutes until the wax cools off properly. Then slowly peel the wax off using the plastic bag. Finish off with some more lotion and a massage and then cover up with gloves and socks.

Points to remember:

Always check the temperature of the wax before dipping your hands and feet into it. And most importantly, never soak your hands and feet into the wax – continuous dipping is the way to go about it.

In case you plan to dip both your hands, you can always ask someone else to wrap the plastic around it. And remember to remove all jewelry from your hand as it will be difficult to later pick the wax out of it.

Sidharth Thakur