Pamper Your Hair With Some Homemade Treatments

Homemade-hair-Treatments Whenever it comes to hair care, you always have a choice of either buying expensive hair care products from the market or of using some homemade recipes containing ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen or your bathroom cabinet.

Homemade hot oil treatment

Dampen your hair a little so as to soften the hair cuticle and to help the scalp and hair strands absorb more oil. Heat some olive oil, only to a temperature that is bearable and that won’t cause any blisters or burns, and apply it to your hair. Take a towel dipped in hot water, rinse it and cover your hair with it.

Wait for twenty minutes before removing the towel, and immediately cover your hair with a cellophane sheet.  It is best to leave the oil on your hair overnight, and to use some gentle shampoo to wash your hair the next morning. You can also use cooking oil or coconut oil in place of olive oil.

Deep conditioning at home

To give your hair a deep conditioning treatment at home, you can use some of the commonly available things in your kitchen such as mayonnaise, eggs, peanut butter or avocado. Whatever thing you decide to use from this list, you must first rinse your hair with warm water and pat it dry. And while your hair is still moist, spread the conditioning recipe onto your entire head.

Wrap your hair with a cling wrap or into a plastic hair bag, to prevent the stuff, which you’ve applied to your hair, from drying. Let the conditional formula stay on your hair for a few hours, and when you want to wash it off use a moisturizing shampoo and warm water.

Hair nourishing pack

To make your own home made hair nourishing pack, put a banana, a tablespoon of olive oil and two egg yolks into a blender. Spread this mixture onto your hair, making sure that some of it reaches the scalp as well.

You can also add natural henna powder to this recipe, since henna has some wonderful conditioning properties. At the time of cleaning your hair, you don’t really need a shampoo after this recipe, but just in case you want to use one go in for the mildest shampoo.

Sidharth Thakur