Pamper Your Feet with a Relaxing Foot Massage

Our feet are subjected to a lot of torture throughout the day, from standing for hours on end to squeezing our feet into a pair of killer stilettos. The end result is severe foot pain.

On reaching home at the fag end of a tiring day, most people enjoy nothing more than propping up their feet on a nice padded chair. However this brings only temporary relief.

Hobbling with pain from one day to another, foot pain that is left untreated can result in bigger health problems. Instead of popping a couple of OTC drugs to reduce the pain, why not opt for a relaxing foot massage treatment.

Foot massage which also goes by the name of sole massage helps us to get relief not only from foot pain but also from headaches and eye strain. A foot massage stimulates the nearly 7000 nerves found in the feet while boosting the blood circulation and functionality of the various organs of the body. A relaxing foot massage at the tail end of the day helps to melt the stress and anxiety which builds up over the day.

Two of the popular foot massage techniques are thumb walking and kneading method. In the thumb walking method of foot massage, the thumbs are pressed along the sides of the foot. This is an easy method of massaging the foot where pressure is applied on specific points of the foot.

The knuckles are used to rub the foot in the kneading foot massage method. The foot is rubbed in a circular motion using the knuckles around the sole of the foot.  The secondary joints of the foot are also massaged in this method.

Today automated foot massagers are widely available in the market. These machines will give you a perfect foot massage at the press of a button. Most of these massagers are easy to carry and can be used just about anywhere to give you a foot massage. There is nothing like a relaxing massage between your stressful office hours.

There are different types of foot massagers to suit your individual requirements. You can choose between manually operated foot massagers to electric powered vibrating ones or a foot bath which uses water jets to target specific points of the foot.