Pain In The Pubic Bone During Pregnancy

stress-during-pregnancy During pregnancy, pain in the pelvic region is quite a common symptom. The pelvic bone is what joins the legs with our upper body, and since it is such an important joint, pain in this region can be quite discomforting.

Let’s try and understand what could be the possible reasons for the pain that you’re suffering in the pelvic region.

During pregnancy, your body experience is an overflow of hormones. Of these hormones, progesterone is the hormone which can be blamed for the pain that you’re suffering. Progesterone, is in fact one of the most important hormones for a healthy pregnancy, because it helps in thickening the uterus lining and in relaxing the muscles and ligaments.

The relaxing and loosening of the joints and the muscles in the pubic region helps in widening the pelvis so as to ensure a normal delivery. Also the relaxed muscles will make the contractions calmer and more bearable.

It is absolutely normal for you to experience some discomfort and pain in the pelvic region, as the pubic bone starts opening up so as to make it easier for the baby to come out. If this doesn’t happen, it will be nearly impossible to deliver the baby through the birth canal and you may have to go in for a C-section.

In certain cases, the constipation experienced during pregnancy may also be held responsible for increasing the pubic bone pain. However, just to rule out any other discrepancies you may discuss your case with your health care provider, because at times bladder infections and premature dilation may also be the reasons for this pain.

Even for the regular pubic bone pain, during pregnancy, your health care provider might suggest some medication if the pain is severe and unbearable. However in most cases, placing some warm compress over the pubic bone provides a lot of relief.

Sidharth Thakur