Overcoming Grief And Depression


Depression Acceptance of reality can be very difficult. When encountered a loss, physical loss or spiritual, the after effects can be complicated to deal with. The mind and soul does not seem to respond to the surroundings, the time of your life after the detrimental incident could be lost in helplessness and despair.

It is advisable to come out of the suffering before it becomes more complex in nature that it gets the better of you. The first things to do is understanding the nature of the grief and depression you are undergoing and then determining how to act on it.

How To Overcome Grief And Depression

Determine the phase

Even though depression can have more than one reasons and sources, it can be as harmful as mourning over the loss of a loved one. Yet, the solutions are closely similar. Depression and grief can have many phases. You have to understand where you are and retrieve yourself by the solutions given under.

Initially any bad news comes as a shock, a bolt from the blue. Then gradually you get into the phase of incredulity, you fail to believe your disposition, in other words you do not want to believe that it has occurred. Then you start entering the insensitive or frozen mode. You tend to become numb. If you can recover from that phase its good, incase you cannot, you find reasons for the mishap and that comes out through your anger which can be dangerous.

Taking Action

Once you have determined which phase you are at, it would easier for you to determine and control yourself to implement the solutions discussed here. The most common and effective forms would accept the misfortune that came over you. This step is difficult but not impossible, you will have to give yourself time to adjust to the change.

Sharing your grief with others you trust can bring about compassion and condolence which may help you. Engaging yourself in activities you like would take your mind off the mishap for a time being, eventually you will get used to it.

Physical Care

Exercise and aerobics can help you a great deal. Yoga and Meditation also helps, however it takes time for some people to develop themselves for meditation. I advise you force yourself to meditate, it will feel impossible to find that patience, when you have encountered an awful event, for the first few weeks but you will grow the patience in you.


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Proper diet is important too, since you would see that you care less about your health, but if you want to come out of the depression you have to eat well. Just eating well does not cure all problems, sleep is what you require to complete the total health care activity. Get adequate sleep, do not sleep through the day though.


Even if it someone else’s fault, you need to find a space in your heart and soul to find the forgiveness. Forgive yourself, as what happened was not in your hands. The pain that inflicted with a debilitating blow on you perhaps would never fade from heart and mind if you do learn to forgive and eventually forget. Blaming someone is easy, but when you blame yourself, you make the pain deeper. Hence, patience and forgiveness is what you require now.

Grieving is not bad. You just have to learn to accept help and compassion when it comes your way, from people around you and from the divine. Soon, you will become the same person you used to be, in fact better.

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