Overcome Insecurity in Love

guynotintrestinlove Are you one of those lovers who become hyper when his or her partner is not around? Are you the type who talks over the phone with the companion for long hours but seems to miss her terribly which verges on obsession ?

Do you feel jealous when your partner laughs and chats with  the friends? Well the symptoms are quite common among a large number of lovers and though you may think that all is fair in love and war, however such possessiveness can give rise to severe trouble in the relationship.

Romanticism is great but unrestrained obsessive romanticism leads to crisis, we all know it. So what’s the way out? Well read on:

Think Yourself:

Are you the first time lover? Is your love new? May be,  because these symptoms are quite frequent about the first time amateurs. You have fallen in love and have continued this relationship because you both have faith and trust in one another. You are not insecure right, that somebody may take away your partner. So why are you worrying? Talk to her often and realize that she or he is all yours.

Some Don’ts:

You may be feeling a bit insecure or may not like some of your partner’s friends but do not go to the extent of telling him or her to not have any relation with the friends. Talk to her. Tell her about your doubts and why you  do not like her certain friends. Understand each other and never ever venture out and force somebody.

Get Intimate:

Well everybody does so. Learn about her, her family share intimate thoughts and ideas. This helps a lot. You will understand that there are somethings only you two share and no body knows about them. Such intimacy will erase all the insecurity.


Well if you are still not convinced then carry a photo of your partner with you. This way she is never far away.

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