Over cleansing can lead to skin problems

Cleansing is an important part of the skincare routine, of any average woman. And it is certainly important for good skin health.

But, as they say, too much of a good thing often turns bad. Overdoing the cleansing part does more harm to your skin than good.

Problems due to over cleansing:

Our skin acts as barrier in order to keep-off bacteria, dirt and other pollutants from getting deeper into our body. It also retains the moisture in order to keep itself healthy.

When we over cleanse our skin, we strip our skin of those essential oils which keep it healthy and balanced. As a result the skin suffers from dryness and irritation.  Here’s what happens if you over cleanse your skin:

After cleansing if the skin feels dry or taut, then you are probably cleaning it too much. This can eventually lead to roughness of the skin.

Over cleansing the skin also makes the oil glands in the skin over active, in order to restore the moisture lost from the skin. As a result, the skin often becomes prone to acne.

Apart from dryness, the skin becomes vulnerable and sensitive to outside pollutants thereby leading to rashes, allergies and such other skin problems.

Another consequence of over cleansing is seborrhea dermatitis where flaking red scales begin forming around the scalp and the T-zone.

The safe way to clean your skin:

The aim of cleansing is to gently cleanse our skin of impurities and dirt. The stress is on the word “gently”. Go for a cleanser which is suitable for your skin and is also gentle on it. Any cleanser containing harsh chemicals should definitely be avoided.

Avoid washing your face too often. This also strips the skin of its essential oils. Women with oily skin are usually overzealous regarding cleansing their face and hence are more prone to overdoing it.

Restricting the elaborate washing and cleansing routine for the night, and using a light toner sparingly during daytime can solve this problem.

Never use soap for cleansing. Instead, opt for a gentle face wash which does not dry out the skin. Always remember that the skin should feel dewy and soft after cleansing and not dry, rough or taut.

Always remember to follow up cleansing with proper moisturizing in order to replenish the skin. Follow the above guidelines and retain that dewy softness and freshness of a clean and healthy skin!

Sidharth Thakur