Organizing A Wedding In A Budget


Wedding Planning a wedding gets difficult with every passing hour. Something or the other goes amiss if not organized properly, and most of the time a fortune is involved. If you need to keep away from the unnecessary spending on your wedding, you have come to the right place. I have listed below some useful tips which you can implement to minimize your wedding budget and have your dream wedding.

How To Organize A Wedding In a Budget

Wedding Schedule

First thing you should do is systematically prepare a wedding schedule, if you are not hiring a wedding planner, which I believe you shouldn’t, as it is needless, they do the same things you can do, but charge you a higher price. Your wedding schedule should include the entire major to minor expenses.

Categorize the schedule by listing the biggest expenses first like the reception which includes the hall, catering, decoration, etc, and end the list with the minor ones, like gifts, music, invitation cards, etc. Incase you wondering what to include and what not, you can download wedding schedules from the internet. When you have decided upon a budget for your wedding, list the estimated expenses for each category and try to stick to it, make an effort not to spend over the estimated amount.

The Wedding Theme

Look up on the array of themes for the wedding, like seasonal, floral, vintage, garden, fairy tale, etc according to your preference, estimate the cost involved for the different themes and pick the one which suits your budget.

Wedding Theme

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You don’t need to hire professionals to create a monogram for your wedding which could also go as the theme for the wedding, just sit at the computer and create your monogram with the bride’s and groom’s initials and decorate it in any way you like.


One minor expense which you can toss out from the expensive considerations is the music to be played at your wedding. Instead of hiring a professional band, I prefer you compile a CD of romantic and favorite tracks, that you and your to be bride/groom can select together. Play that CD at your wedding to control your expenditure.

Bridal Shower

It is better not to hire a caterer for food for the bridal shower, you, with the help of the bridesmaids and/or friends and relatives cook and bake the meal together. As there would be a less number of people coming for the shower, it would not be much of a hassle. Truly, it would become something to remember for the rest of your life. The decorations for the bridal shower should be kept simple in order to save money, and stick to one or two type of beverages.


It is not a surprise that there are always a hidden catch when you hire a photographer, you should do all the talks formerly, yes even the size and prints of the photographs and not leave anything for the photographer to decide later and charge you extra. In fact, you can ask your relatives or friends if anyone is willing, to take the photographs and videos for you.

Invitation Cards

There are many websites which show you how you can create your own invitation cards in accordance with the themes. And if you are artistic, you don’t need external help, create your own beautiful invitation cards with your wedding monogram and get them printed. Keep in mind not to print extra. Print only for families, not individuals to save time and money.

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