Organic Makeup and Eco Friendly Cosmetics

As the people of the world focus on making eco friendly choices, to beat out pollution and chemical disasters, we thought of giving you a little update on ‘green’ makeup and Eco friendly cosmetics. Using such cosmetics allows us to stay free of toxic chemicals, while at the same time helps prevent cruelty towards animals which are often used to test new cosmetic products.

Certain chemicals which normally find use in cosmetics can have harmful reactions on certain skin types and the arising medical conditions may range from mild rashes to certain types of cancers. When you’re saying no to the regular commercial cosmetics, you are in fact saying no to harmful chemicals like petroleum byproducts, formaldehyde, gluten, lead, mercury and other such synthetic ingredients.

While some of these chemicals may show reactions only on sensitive skin, the deadlier ones can show detrimental effects on almost all skin types. So the next time you head for the cosmetic store, go looking for cosmetics which have been certified as organic.

Thankfully there is a wide range of organic cosmetics so you can easily find all your cosmetic requirements such as creams, lotions, foundation, body wash, shampoo, lipstick, eyeliner, blush, concealer and the likes. The best part of using organic cosmetics is that they don’t even contain any strong artificial fragrances; rather you will find them infused with plant oils, herbal extracts and essential oils, which impart them that lovely aroma.

ow when you’re talking about organic and Eco friendly makeup options, we would like to alert you on a big time scam known as mineral makeup. Reading that mineral makeup term on any cosmetic packet you might go on to assume that it is perfectly safe to use such cosmetics. However, as we mentioned it is nothing but a sham, because some of these make up products usually contain some dangerous chemicals such as titanium dioxide, propylene glycol and dimethicone.

Lastly, to avoid being misled by cosmetic companies, it’s always sensible to scan through the list of ingredients given on the packaging to be absolutely sure that what you’re buying is completely organic, Eco friendly and nontoxic.

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Sidharth Thakur

  • I am a big supporter of organic makeup. Just to add to your list, things I always try and avoid are parabens, which are chemical based preservatives – not nice!

    I am interested to hear your thoughts about mineral makeup – I was under the impression that titanium dioxide was a good physical sunblock?

    Great post, I totally agree that people need to be more aware about what they are putting on their skin!

  • maryellen

    I think the dangers of titanium dixiode are when it is in a micronized form or nano particles which can be inhaled.

    Otherwise it is not harmful