One Exercise That Works All Your Face Muscles

exercise-for-face-muscles When facials and cosmetics prove ineffective and surgery seems out of budget, exercising your face muscles is the best way to avoid and treat the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Regularly exercising your face muscles will tone up the underlying support structure and thus you will see a decrease in the number of wrinkles on your face. Also the added benefit is that the increased blood flow, due to exercise, results in a natural glow on your skin.

Here’s a small facial excise routine that will take nearly ten minutes of your time every day to tone up your face muscles.

1. Begin by scrunching your face so that lots of wrinkles can be seen all over your face including your forehead, the eye region, the cheeks and the nose. Keep your mouth and eyes tightly clenched all through this phase of the exercise. Hold in this position for about ten seconds.

2. Next do exactly the opposite and open your eyes and mouth wide to stretch all the muscles on your face.

3. Relax your face muscles and pout your lips, and try moving your pouted lips from left to right to you feel the pressure on your cheeks. Repeat this about five times on each side and then let your face muscles loose.

4. Next extend your chin till you feel all the muscles in your neck tightened up and stretched. Finally it’s time to grin, so grin with your lips completely stretched and ensure that none of your teeth show through your tightly pursed lips.

In the beginning, you can start off by repeating this whole exercise about five times and slowly when you’ve mastered the movements try completing twenty repetitions of this exercise, in one go, every day. This one single exercise, which consists of multiple moves, exercises nearly every muscle of the face.  So you won’t needs to follow three or four different exercises for different muscles of the face.

Sidharth Thakur