Olive Oil is a Secret to Healthy Hair

Olive oil is one of the most effective beauty aids for hair. Yes… the very olive oil that you may have been using in your cooking for years. Many people are aware of its curative power in terms of skin problems.

However, the role of olive oil as a secret to healthy hair is still a secret to many.  It renders a fresh, soft and shiny feel to the hair while at the same time it also strengthens the roots of the hair.

So, what makes the olive oil so effective in keeping your mane healthy? Here are some pointers on how olive oil is good for your hair:-

Olive oil is said to be the best homemade remedy for hair fall. It is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and it also contains antioxidants like vitamin E. All these nourish the hair follicles and strengthen the strands, thus preventing hair-fall especially due to breakage.

Olive oil has excellent cleansing properties too and it can cleanse the scalp very well. Also it can prevent the formation of the DHT hormone, which makes the hair growth very thin or non-existent.  And that’s how olive oil ensures better health for your hair.

The softening properties of olive oil are undeniably awesome. In other words, olive oil acts as a natural conditioner. Application of olive oil before shampoo makes even the frizziest hair soft and manageable.

The antioxidants present in olive oil promote overall scalp health by slowing down the ageing process. Olive oil also has anti-bacterial or anti-frugal properties, thus any damage done to the scalp owing to excessive use of chemicals can be undone by using olive oil.

It is effective at treating bacterial infections in the scalp. It is also known as an effective weapon against hair lice.

A head massage using olive oil mixed with other essential oils like lavender oil is an excellent stress buster. And its no secret that the lesser the stress, the less the hair falls.

How to use olive oil on your hair:-

The best way to use olive oil is by warming it up a little and massaging it evenly through your hair, and then covering it up with a towel or shower cap. This helps the oil to seep into the hair and the scalp. Keep it for around half an hour and then shampoo your hair. You will not need a conditioner after this. You will find your hair to be softer, stronger and shinier than usual.

Olive oil can also be mixed with other ingredients like cinnamon powder and honey or egg whites and lemon juice to make a hair mask.

Remember that there are many kinds of olive oil. For hair treatments, extra virgin olive oil is by and large the best option.

Sidharth Thakur