Olive Oil Is Liquid Gold For Your Health

benefits of olive oil

benefits of olive oil Olive oil got topmost ranking in the list of essential foods to the menu of those who want to lead a life in a healthy way. It is known as “liquid gold”. Olive oils are  rich in monounsaturated acids, vitamin E and antioxidants, which helps in protecting  against cardiovascular disease and  premature aging.

Olive oil help in leading a healthy life

The intestine serves as a lubricant and lends a hand in the fight against cancer. As Easter comes this food is more present at the table with the mouth watering dishes based on fish. People now days are switching over to olive oils as they are better for health rather than other oils. Countries like America, Russia, and UK has the maximum consumption of this oil. Though this oil is good for health but certain care is required for its consumption. Let’s discuss some myths and facts about the using of olive oils in a daily routine basis.

Olive Oil helps to lose weight

The oil helps to lose weight is a fact, provided it is used in a balanced diet and a moderate amount. The most correct would be to say that olive oil helps to keep the weight, i.e., not fat. It is entirely possible to include the oil in a healthy diet and this does not affect weight. The secret is in the balance, says nutritionist Alice oak in an article.

He is working as program officer for nutrition and longevity of the Mining Institute of Geriatric Endocrinology. There is also a study in the journal Diabetes Care, the American Diabetes Association, who noted that the daily intake of a minimum amount of food helps prevent the formation of fat in the belly area.

Olive Oil also have calories

Can one eat olive oil to ease?  no this is a myth! It also have calories. Olive oil is oil and has many calories as other oils, says nutritionist Alice oak. The exaggeration is never welcome, even for the healthiest foods. Two tablespoons of olive oil per day is equivalent to about 178 calories. Consuming more than that is running the risk of gaining some extra pounds.

The other common myth is that Olive compound also brings the same benefits as the oil. The compound is usually mixed with other oils that are rich in saturated fats, which are harmful to the body if consumed in excess. In some of these composite products, only 10% is oil, says nutritionist Alice. These oils also have more calories and do not bring many benefits to the body as the oil brings.

Heating the oil takes away their property is a fact. Many of its properties oxidize in the presence of heat and light. Olive oil can stand a temperature of 175 º C. Above that point, it forms a volatile and becomes toxic to the body, says the expert. If Olive oil is consumed in large quantities in these conditions it can irritate the gastrointestinal mucosa and cause diarrhea too. The best idea is to place it when the food has been prepared.

This is true that olive oil is better than soybean oil. The extra virgin olive oil is the best of all oils, as compared to both soybean and canola or sunflower. The reason is the large amount of monounsaturated fat present in it.

Your body needs fat, especially fat-soluble vitamins to absorb some – such as A and E and monounsaturated fat is the healthiest, acting in the prevention of cardiovascular problems,” explains nutritionist Fabiana Sigrist. Olive oil is not appropriate for frying purposes, because it cannot be heated to high temperatures. In such cases, Fabiana indicates soybean oil as the best because you can get up to 240 º C without forming toxic compounds.

Do olive oil and palm oil have the same benefits?

It is a myth that olive oil and palm oil has the same benefits. They are totally different, in the aspect of benefits, flavor and color. Palm oil is high in calories and has saturated fat which is much more as compared to olive oil. The only advantage of the traditional ingredient of Bahia is the largest amount of vitamin A, which is important for vision. As per other benefits, olive oil is the champion.

Olive oil is like wine ?

Olive oil is like wine the older the better is a myth. Olive oil is best when young. Many of its properties are heat and light sensitive, i.e., they oxidize in the presence of heat and light, warn nutritionist Alice oak. So stay tuned to the expiration date and avoid leaving the oil near the stove when cooking, to prevent it from heating up as a result it loses some of its properties.

Fact about Unrefined olive oil or virgin is better. But the advantage is not in flavor or color. The extra virgin olive oil has a higher amount of polyphenols which are antioxidants that help regulate the level of blood cholesterol and prevent heart problems. But both the virgin and refined have monounsaturated fats, which are also beneficial to the heart organ.

Olive oils Help fighting cancer and regulate cholesterol

Olive oils help in fighting cancer and regulate cholesterol. This oil is largely responsible for preventing cancer as the antioxidants in olive oil, are mainly fatty acids (monounsaturated fat).According to nutritionist Fabiana Sigrist, the action is on the anti-inflammatory, fatty acids contribute to the person that has less inflammatory processes, which may be related to some types of cancer. In the case of cholesterol, monounsaturated fat also improves levels of blood fats, while increasing HDL cholesterol and lowering LDL.

Consuming olive oil stimulates the brain is also another truth. A survey by the University of California, USA, indicated that antioxidant rich foods – like oil – are able to stimulate and help the brain against degeneration. After five years of analysis, more than 160 research, and experts have noted that a positive influence between the molecular components of the nutrients and the mechanisms that maintain the mental function of the brain.

In gist, as we have discussed about some of the facts and myths of using olive oil which has concluded in the end that olive oil if consumed in the right proportion every day does not harm the body but yes helps to prevent certain problems both severe and normal.


Ruchi Thukral