Olive Oil And Its Manifold Benefits

Olive oil is highly valued oil that is believed to give several benefits to one’s skin; olive oil has been used since the legendary times of the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans and, even today beauticians and beauty experts hold olive oil in great reverence for beauty purposes.

Olive oil is claimed to make the skin glowing and smooth, make hair shiny and well-conditioned, add elasticity to skin thereby fighting wrinkles and, also enhance nail-quality by softening the cuticles.

Due to the various diverse benefits of olive oil and also to take the best out of it beauty and health experts even recommend to consume olive oil by including it in the diet. Being enriched in antioxidants olive oil acts as an anti-aging agent.

The least processed olive oil which comes in the lightest hue gives the best benefits. Among the various health benefits of olive oil are lowering of blood pressure and body weight, retarding the development of certain cancers and also dealing effectively with asthma and arthritis.

One can take the manifold benefits of using olive oil by including this much acclaimed oil in daily lifestyle. It can be used as a body oil to be applied all over the body to get a smooth glowing skin. Taking a bath with olive oil added to bath water can also be beneficial for the body skin and gives a relaxing effect.

Olive oil added to face masks to be applied on the face can make the facial skin soft and supple while the skin on the hands and feet also feel soft and well-nourished after being lapped in olive oil regularly. Olive oil can be carefully applied on the skin around the eyes to avoid eye bags and wrinkles.

Olive oil has a great exfoliating value which tends to skin by removing dead cells thereby making the skin young and healthy. Olive oil can also be used as a safe makeup remover which will also make the skin well-nourished after removing the makeup.

Being extracted from a fruit olive oil is rich in various nutrients, natural compounds, antioxidants and vitamins which on regular use make a positive difference to one’s look as well as health . More and more health and beauty conscious people are switching over to olive oil for a youthful skin and healthy body!