Oily Skin Makeup -Tips And Tricks

Applying makeup on oily skin can be quite a tricky and tedious task. The excess oil on the skin will tend to give the makeup a shiny appearance.

Moreover the makeup will look patchy and won’t last for a long time.

Here are some tips you can follow to apply a long lasting and perfect makeup on oily skin.

Less is more should be the mantra when it comes to applying makeup on oily skin. Make it a point to cleanse ,tone and moisturize your skin before applying makeup. Make sure the moisturizer used is oil free.

The next step is to apply a primer that gives a matte finish. This primer will serve as a base for your further makeup and will also allow your makeup to last for a longer period of time.

You can apply the foundation after the primer application. Since the excess oil in the skin can darken the foundation with the passage of time, you should choose a foundation which is a shade or two lighter than your actual skin tone.

Apply only small amounts of foundation with a makeup brush or a sponge. Application of makeup with your fingers can cause the transfer of oil to the facial skin, thus making the skin even oilier.

It is also advisable to use a matte foundation than a liquid foundation to get a perfectly even skin tone. After the application of foundation, you can do touch ups with a translucent powder so as to reduce the shine and also to seal the makeup.

The next step will be the application of blush. Women with oily skin should use a powder blush instead of cream ones. The same principle should be used while selecting your eye shadow too. Cream based makeup products will mix up with the oil in the skin and will smear off easily.

Makeup of the lips is quite easy, as you only need to choose a lip color which matches your skin tone.

Never use products which contain mineral oils or alcohol. If you feel that your skin is getting oily, then use blotting papers to wipe off the excess oil. Do not resort to touch ups with powder as it might finally produce a cake like effect.

By following the above tips you can easily perform makeup on oily skin and look gorgeous effortlessly.

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