Nutrients to Make a Man More Fertile

Medical treatment is definitely an option to increase a man’s fertility and his semen quality, but why should you torment your body with chemicals when there are healthier ways to improve male fertility. There are a dozen things that you can do to improve male semen, with regular exercising and a healthy diet being the top two natural ways to make a man more fertile.

Male fertility is determined by the quantity and the quality of the semen that he produces; consequently we need to think about ways to increase the semen quality and quantity to make a man more fertile. Here we will details out some of the prominent nutrients needed for good male health along with their food sources, to help you improve your man’s fertility.


You may probably have heard that oysters are known to have aphrodisiac properties. The reason behind this is the high zinc content in oysters. Besides helping a man with his erections, zinc is known to increase the production of sperms. Also the overall health of the sperm improves and the sperms become fit to impregnate a woman. Besides looking at oysters you can look at red meats, turkey, barley, pumpkin seeds and beans to get more of zinc in your diet.

Antioxidant vitamins

Vitamins, particularly the ones that are considered to be antioxidants like vitamin B12, vitamin C and Vitamin E, work wonders in increasing the sperm count of the semen. And with the number of sperms being high in your man’s semen, your chances of getting pregnant become much higher. Vitamin E and C have also been considered important for male fertility because they increase the sperm motility, thus making the sperm more capable of swimming up to the female egg inside the womb.

Amino acids

Certain essential amino acids like Arginine and Cartinine are integral to the production of sperms, and increasing their intake can easily escalate a man’s sperm count and make him more fertile. To get the required amino acids increase your intake of spinach, eggs, turkey, tuna and seaweeds, since these are the top five sources of these two amino acids.