Nude Lips – The Fashion Of The Day

Nude lips? Have you come across such a fashion jargon? Well in today’s fashion technology nude lips are the buzzword of the day. Sparkling eyes and lips are no longer in vogue. So getting nude on the lips require some skills that you must imbibe if you want to look fashionable. Here is what you need to do to have nude lips.

Smoky eyes are in fashion and if you want to portray smoky eyes that really make you look attractive flaunt the nude lips style. There are so many nude lip colors available on the stores. Choose the color that is suitable to you and then go about the process.

You can choose shades that are lighter or deeper than the color of the skin. If you go for the shade similar to the skin chances are that you would soon look without a mouth. That’s a scary thing to happen. If you are fairer then you can choose colors close pink and if you are dark skinned, you can choose colors in beige. You can try these colors on your self in broad day light and also in other sorts of night lighting. You can use a lip color a shade deeper than the lipstick you used around the lips. Blend it lightly so that the lines do not standout and you would not look like a clown.

And now you get the soft touch on your lips. They don’t look red or stand out. They would look great if you slightly smudge them and use some lip gloss for a change sometimes when you are done with the matte look. With a proper hair do to match and smoky eyes, you are ready to step into life once more in the most modern fashion statement of the day.