Non Surgical Face Lift

non surgical face lift

Now that the technology has evolved a whole new level, the quote ‘No pain, No gain!’ means nothing anymore! This applies to the old-style facial treatments that came with a hellish pain along with that youthful look you were aiming for. But you don’t need to deal with them anymore. There are several processes that give you the same effect without inflicting a sting of pain. Apart from the usual Botox and other injections, here are some other options available.

The Obagi System – The obagi system is quite popular among women who go for painless treatments. It’s quite a simple process too, unless you don’t mind going through a little bit of irritation through the process, although this is just a reaction of your skin adjusting to a new treatment.

Obagi system includes applying about six different creams together about a couple of times a day. This has to be applied with Retin-A though. There will be quite  a lot of peeling and regeneration of the skin in the beginning which is usually painless, unless your skin is not compatible with the creams. The peeling generally continues for a couple of weeks. After this step is over, you start the maintenance stage until your skin becomes stable and rejuvenates completely!

Teamine – This is one option for anyone who’s tired of those ugly bags under the eyes. And if you have tried out everything to get rid of them and failed, you might want to try this cream. All you need to do is apply them under your eyes once a day for about three to four weeks and see the difference.

Sculptra Aesthetics – This one one of those pain-free treatment that really works. This lactic acid is usually used to increase the overall volume of the face. Yes, it’s a volumizer but not really your regular one! It’s quite simple to use too.

Place the sculptra in all the places that are showing significant lines and creases or if the skin has hollowed-in. After you place them, the body absorbs the lactic acid present in sculptra, bringing back the lost volume in your skin by inducing the production of more collagen.

Usually it takes about three treatments with a gap of six weeks each to show the result. Apart from that, you can also try other treatments like Radiesse and other volumizers that work just as effectively as the one shown above.