No more Multiple Skin Tone

Having multiple skin tone tends to bring your confidence down because you do not know how to have the same skin color everywhere.

But you do not have to be conscious any more. There are treatments and effective home remedies to help you even out a skin tone all over.

There are many reasons for uneven skin tone. First of all, the dryness in the skin can result in a lighter tone and especially when the body part is exposed. Extra dryness in that area will lead to the difference in the skin tone.

There are times when you use a cleanser to clean or daub a pimple or acne or a rash, especially when you choose a cleanser like citric acid or salicylic acid, then the areas that these cleansers have been applied on will get lighter in comparison with the rest of the area. Dark circles and puffiness in the eyes also contribute to uneven skin tone.

Use moisturizing cleanser that has caffeine or any component derived from green tea. This is an effective treatment for the dark circles around the eyes. It reduces swelling and the dark areas around the eyes.

In case you have a dry skin, then use a moisturizer and a cleanser that is meant for gentle skin. These will help reduce the dryness and will make the skin supple and alive.

Even though you will be using two kinds of cleaners for treating different skin tones, yet the regularity of this treatment will yield good results. Once you have achieved the right skin tone that is uniform then you need to take care of it further to keep it that way.

Use different sponges and towels for different cleansing treatments. This will prevent the mixing of ingredients.

One way to control and keep the skin tone uniform is by chopping a tomato into two halves and rubbing them on the face for at least 10 minutes. This will not only help in adding the required moisture to the skin but also will help you maintain that skin tone. Wash your face afterwards. Do it every night before going to bed. Follow this on a long term for visible results.