No More Dull Curly Hair

Have you secretly wished that your curls were as shiny as that of your friend’s straight hair?sdd there always seems to be something lacking in curly hair; it never quite seem to have the shine no matter how often you shampoo.

What you should know at the very outset, that the main reason for this is not because of the lack of hair care on your part but due to the texture that curly hair possesses. Unlike straight hair, curly hair has open cuticles which render it the unflattering dull look.

Add to it the curled shape, which make it even more shine-less. But every problem has a solution. Curly-haired people will need to walk an extra mile to make their hair all glossy and attractive.

The easiest is of course to get for yourself, hair styling products like gel, or mousses that give your hair the bounce and the sheen. However, do remember to check their ingredients and get those which suit your hair type or else it can end up resulting in a drying effect.

The second and the best way, is the natural way. Nurture your hair with the goodness of jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil and a number of others that will enhance the quality of hair.

Or you can also periodically indulge in the hot oil therapy that strengthens the roots, and takes care of hair in a more intrinsic deep-rooted way. Homemade hair packs too often do a rather marvelous job in preserving and maximizing hair shine.

There is a third option of having a glaze treatment done to your hair professionally in a salon. The glaze treatment entails covering the hair with a superficial solution that protects the hair and preserves the moisture.

Contact with everyday dust and dirt reduces as a result of which and the hair stays shinier for a longer period of time. However, you must remember that in the end, shine is basically the result of healthy hair. So, keep your healthy and cared for, and watch your curls shine brilliantly!