Night Creams as Wake Up to a Rejuvenated Skin.

Night creams have become an essential part of our daily beauty regimen.Most women cannot imagine going to bed without applying some kind of night cream.Night creams are heavier than the moisturizers we apply during the day.

Night creams have been around for quite some time now. It has been recorded that women of the Roman era would apply olive oil as a kind of facial moisturizer before going to bed. Today there are a wide range of night creams that are available to suite different skin types including combination and oily skins.

Night creams in a variety of formulations are used by women of different age groups for different reasons. While younger women apply night creams to decrease the incidence of breakouts, older women resort to the usage of night cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Night creams are mostly oil based and hence cannot be applied during the day as it will give the face a very greasy appearance. People with combination skins- drier at the cheeks and around the eyes and oilier at the forehead and nose – can opt for those night creams which are non- comedogenic.

It is during the night when we are resting that there is acceleration in the cell rejuvenation and repair process. This is because our metabolic rate increases during night time. The skin absorbs the potent ingredients in the night cream faster which in turn helps repair the skin damages that have been caused during the daytime due to over exposure to the sun and other environmental factors.

Most night creams have a cocktail of superior ingredients including vitamin C, retinol, retin A and other special elements. However, if you are prone to skin conditions like rosacea or pimples, consult a good dermatologist before choosing a night serum.

There are several natural ingredients which do just as good a job as any of the chemicals found in the superior brand of night creams. Shea butter has been in use for centuries and is especially effective in soothing and softening tissue which has been inflamed by the prescence of  free radicals in the atmosphere. Evening out wrinkles and sun spots, this is one of nature’s finest moisturizers.

Fighting skin irritation by stimulating the immune system is another natural moisturizer called manuka honey.

Applying night creams will make you wake up looking refreshed and feeling brand new.