New Born Baby Care – Do’s and Dont’s

Baby care is one of the most difficult job at hand, however is provides a lot of pleasure to the parents.

It is very obvious that the parents of the new born would have a tough time in taking care of them. Proper care has to be taken along with the other household work. As far as the new born babies are concerned breastfeeding is very vital. Only in case when this is not possible, can one change to other formulas.

After every feed make sure the baby burps else the chances that baby may prone to get gastric problem. If you are going to work after a few weeks, then you have to make sure that the baby is used to other baby formulas before you get back to work. There are plenty of mothers who feel that bottle feeding prevents from breastfeeding. However this is not true at all.

When the baby is fed with the bottle, make sure the baby does not sleep with the bottle in the mouth. This should certainly not be done when the baby has teeth as this would lead to dental problems later on in life.

ree times a week would be certainly sufficient. However when the diaper is changed a sponge bath is very important. Leaving the baby with dirty diapers will result in the baby having infections.

When you give the baby a bath, make sure the baby is never left alone and hence every accessory such as the towel, the shampoo and the soap should be kept along side. Also this will make sure the water in the tub does not get into the ears and the mouth of the baby.

When you lift the baby, and then make it a point to keep the baby close to the chest and provide a secure feeling. Make it a point to wash their clothes separately and the most important thing is never miss the vaccines. If missed, it would lead to problems in the future. To avoid this keep the vaccination dates written somewhere.